Thursday, 21 August 2014

Bear has been bitten by a Dinosaur

Tonight bear was exhausted and when bear is exhausted he speeds up.  DH and I sat in the living room and listened to him running repeatedly from one side of the room to the other.  Thud, thud, thud, thud.  Thud, thud, thud, thud.  Thud, thud, thud, ow!!!  Bear had tripped, fallen and landed on a small plastic dinosaur which managed to leave a very small scratch on his leg as it shattered into a dozen plastic pieces.

Bear was appalled.  Bear was horrified.  Bear put on an operatic performance and wailed as if he was about to be taken to field surgery.  There was a hint that a drop of blood might - just might - ooze out.  I had to put on an emergency plaster before his leg fell off.  I am definitely not taking bear to drama school.  He is bad enough as it is.

To be fair, bear is not the most stoic of children but he is pretty exhausted and he just was beyond himself. After some heavy duty cuddles he calmed down and flaked out.  I shall go up and retrieve him from wherever he switched off and put a duvet over him.

Father is much the same.  He coughed the feeding tube out twice today.  He was sick when we were there.  I am a bit worried.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Matters Continue

Father is much the same.  Uncle is much the same.  I am less itchy after going gluten free but I am still getting dressings twice a week.  Baked potato and baked beans is gluten free.

DH is still a star.

Marks and Spencer's Coffee Liqueur that father bought me at Christmas is gluten free.  I took advantage of that last night.

Bear is doing great.

Things could be a lot worse.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

I smiled

Apparently someone applied under the Freedom of Information Act to find out if Wigan had any plans to deal with an attack of dragons.  The link is here if you don't believe me.  I feel almost compelled to ask my local council about their vampiric precautions or have they made plans for the local parks in the even of a Zombie Apocalypse.

The photo is one I got from Wiki Commons which hold pictures and images in the public domain or published under Creative Commons which means you can legally share them.  I have made the occasional minimal donation to Wiki and I encourage anyone who uses it a lot to do so as well as it is such a fun resource.  For example, when I searched for 'dragon' in the database there was a category for 'realistic'.  How would someone know?  I mean, realistic dragon - who is checking and have they requested a FoI application to their local council?  I feel a bit mundane after reading that.

Father has moved hospital to a more specialised rehabilitation ward.  They are talking a very long haul.  This is going to make things interesting.  Visiting hours and school pick ups overlap.  Fortunately I have a very understanding husband, brilliant neighbours and the bus runs from a few yards from my front door to outside the hospital father has been moved to.  It is all doable.

Haribo starmix is gluten free.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Thank you for the comments

Hester - thank you, but I'm not being brave, I'm displacing.  I can wibble about gluten free and not think too hard about father or uncle.

WitchHazel - that is really interesting.  And slightly unnerving.

If the doctor at A&E is right (he sounded absolutely convinced) then I have this - DO NOT CLICK IF SQUEAMISH, EATING OR WANTING TO AVOID YEURK  I am really struggling and due to all the itching I have been short of sleep, unable to settle, I can't knit because of blisters on my hand etc.  Basically I am covered with itchy sores, spots and blisters.  It is very yeurk indeed.  I have dressings on my leg and arm, after insisting firmly at A&E that I got them.

I am seeing the GP again on Monday, and at the moment I am avoiding gluten.  It may be faddy or unhelpful and I have started with steroid cream but even before there was a slight reduction in itchiness.  As I have been beside myself for nearly three weeks I am hanging on to that.

So I am hanging on to the faddy, potentially silly, gluten free stuff and focusing on that instead of thinking of the implications of taking letters for father into the hospital and working out whether we can do the power of attorney and whether anyone will object.  I don't have to think of my lovely father completely unable to walk, or talk or eat and completely unable to enjoy his Famous Grouse and the start of the Premiership.  I don't have to worry about how to crowbar in some time to get to see uncle and knowing that when I finally get there I will hear no sense at all from him.  Instead I can rejoice that Heinz Tomato soup, part of my stockpile, is gluten free and worry about that rubbish and chaff instead.

Bear has noted that I am looking at English Grammar for Dummies and asked if I will buy him the Maths version.  My brain just walked off at that point.  If I do get it - and it is a big if - not only will I not be able to help with any explanations but I imagine the teachers at school being unimpressed.  I don't even know where to start with what he wants.  Good to think about that, it's a good problem to have.

I know lots of other people manage with far tough situations and actually there are lots of bright sides, but I am finding it a bit tough.  Bright side for the day - if father is going to come home I need to completely declutter and clean to make it fit for social services.  That's a great incentive.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Another Day

Thank you for all the comments, I feel very hugged and it is very welcome. It is also very useful.

I went to the GP.  He looked a bit grave and the infections have been swabbed and the swabs sent away.  I am getting them re-dressed on Friday.  He didn't want to hear about coeliac.  I am seeing him again on Monday.

Apparently coeliac can present on the skin in yeurk form.  It fits with my description and if I am getting new spots after a fortnight then it isn't chickenpox.  The GP has given me some cream.

Regardless I am going to try gluten free.  It may be all in my head, but since Monday lunch time I have avoided gluten and I feel a tiny, tiny, tiny bit less itchy.  It may be all in my head, but to be honest, anything that gives even a slight improvement, even if it is placebo, has to be a good thing.  The doctor in A&E was absolutely convinced.  It gives me something to churn around in my mind rather than father and uncle.

Father is much the same.  I visited tonight.  I don't know how we are going to manage if he continues to have no movement at all in his right side.

DH is being a hero.

The bright side is that if I do go gluten free then I have great incentives to bargain hunt, recipe hunt and think about a whole new set of food.  I have bought a cookbook.  I also think it is a great chance for me to lose weight.  I won't be able to tuck into biscuits and cakes so much.  It can be a great adventure.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Somewhere there is a Bright Side

I am a bit fed up.  Yesterday the sores that are (apparently) infected eczema were so bad that they were leaking through clothes.  I went to the Minor Injuries Unit who referred me to A&E.  The dressings I got at around midnight have already started to slip and I'm supposed to leave them on for at least three days.

One interesting part of the visit - the A&E doctor didn't think it was chickenpox that had been making me suffer.  He said it was coeliacs.  I am reluctant to google but the little I know (low energy levels etc) makes sense.

Darn it to heck.

I've just had a bowl of porridge.  I hope that is gluten free.

Monday, 11 August 2014

Bear and Screen Time

Bear has been slumped in front of a screen all day.  I was hoping to get to a walk in clinic but my neighbour had to go out, so I am waiting for DH to get home.

I thought about bear slouched in the computer chair and suggested that he helped by taking some stuff upstairs and doing twenty star jumps when he got there.  I was expecting resistance but bear was fine.  Not only that but he did 80 star jumps.  I say star jumps, DH calls them comet jumps because they are like stars but they travel.  Bear starts off in great style but by the time he got past number forty he was sort of bouncing with flapping arms and drifting towards the door.  

Bear has also allegedly done push ups, sit ups and punches.  I think the intention was there but there was more puffing and panting than actual muscle use.  His heart was in the right place, even if the actual exercise was a bit limp.

He is now back in the computer chair.  For now.