Friday, 1 August 2014

Continuing with Sums

Approved Food have a very good deal on condensed soup, around half price and a lot better than any of the recent deals I have seen at the supermarket.  I use a lot of condensed soup in cooking.  It is a handy short cut and everyone except father loves beeferoni that has condensed tomato soup as a main ingredient.

I have quite a lot in.  I am not sure how much I will use before it expires in June 2015.  If father is home, not so much.  If father is not home soon then I will use loads. It's the same with pasta.  Everyone loves it except father, and I will probably do kedgeree on the next delivery day as bear loves it but father loathes it.  I feel guilty making food that father doesn't like when he isn't here.  Then I think that I may as well make it when he isn't here as when he is.  Then I feel disloyal but we do like different things.  I have a stash of Goblin mini steak and kidney pies for him for lunches.  I keep looking at them and thinking, 'will he be able to eat them?'  I  thought about the soups, and the current stockpile and I am not getting them now, but may get them later if they are still in stock and I am putting in another order.

When I rang the ward father was quite unchanged, and I continue spotty and worrying.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Still Spotty

I've looked at my recent posts, and I find them unbelievable.  I promise I am not making anything up - I've left bits out!

My biggest war at the moment is getting bear to change his socks.  As he has a batch of boring black socks at his request it is hard to spot straight off when he's had a sock change fail.  I've started counting the socks I retrieve from his room.  He is currently looking splendid in clean socks pulled right up to the knee and baggy long shorts.  He looks like an Edwardian gentleman in plus twos.

Last night I watched the Lego Movie.  If you haven't seen it already, I really recommend it.  I'm going to watch it with father as soon as he gets home.

Obviously I can't visit father but I call and it seems his speech is improving.  That is a step nearer to getting him eating and drinking properly and once that is in place then with father the sky is the limit.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

I Have Chickenpox - Again

I have lost count of the number of times I have had chickenpox.  I'm not sure if it is three or four times now.  I also have a problem with my leg, which is a bit icky.  I have antibiotics for my leg and a suggestion that I get some chamomile cream from the chemist for the chicken pox.  My hands are covered in tiny blisters - all stress related, really.  I think I need to seriously address my stress levels.

It means I can't visit father until I'm less crusty.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Pootling on

Some random thoughts...

Bear was so exhausted by martial arts holiday club that he was asleep by 8pm.

After dropping bear off, on the way home I noticed a man stretched out flat on a pavement at 9am.  I was on an unfamiliar bus, and while I know the area a bit I don't know the names of streets.  The area is such that it could be drink, drugs, stabbed, shot or beaten.  I couldn't even dial 101 because I couldn't describe where I saw him.  Still a bit worried, but I know that there are a lot of good people around so hopefully he is fine.  

On the second bus home I passed a house with tin foil on the windows.  As the house faces north east I am guessing it is not to ward off heat but to either ward off beams from aliens or lizard men or that they are growing cannabis.  

Father is doing okay and is getting lots of visitors.  I don't know how long he will be in there as he can't move his right arm still.  He needs to be able to manage a little bit of stairs before he comes home.  The ambulance men couldn't get the sort of chair thing they use on stairs to fit on ours.  I'm going to look at stair lifts but I am not optimistic.

I boiled the kettle and realised it was the first time in over a week.  I've emptied it and emptied the one in father's room.  Isn't it odd finding these things?  I am looking forward to father getting better - but probably not as much as he is!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Weather Continues

The weather isn't agreeing with me.  The knack of our house to hold heat which I gloat about during frost is not helpful.  However it will be no time at all before I am complaining of feeling too cold.

I've been thinking about the kidney beans and all the advice and gone for the smaller tins this time, but I'm holding the ideas of freezing etc in reserve for later.  With father in hospital and likely to be there for some time, our diet is going to be different.  I naturally cook what we all like, which is actually only toast but I do my best to include stuff that people don't mind so much.

DH is being a hero.  He took bear to an adventure playground this morning and bear reached the top of a very scary climbing frame.  I don't go there as I am a bag of nerves when bear climbs.  I have explained to bear that the problem is me and not him, but I can't watch.

I am waiting to find out if father has a chest infection.  He couldn't move his right arm at all yesterday.  The nurses are really good.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Far Too Warm

Thank you for the suggestions about the beans.  I was considering freezing them, but my track record on using things from the freezer isn't good unless they are bought.  I am still considering the matter.

I am not really enjoying the weather.  I don't do well in the heat and it is 29C on our landing. I know that this is not a huge number for some parts of the world but it is pretty high here.  The weather is supposed to cool down over the next few days, but our house holds the heat.  This is lovely in January, but less lovely now.

Bear is bored, not enjoying anything much, far too hot and far too tired.  I have booked piano lessons for bear to start again in September.  Last time was an abject failure because bear loathes travel.  This time the teacher comes to us.  The man sounds lovely but I am not sure he knows what he is in for.  Regardless it is a good excuse for bear to work through his old work books and see what he can bring to the table with the new teacher.

My feet were too swollen to get shoes on today so couldn't visit but I have been in touch with the hospital and father seems to be doing well.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Same old sums

I am weighing up the totals - again!

Do I buy a half sized tin of kidney beans for 40p or do I buy a full sized value tin of kidney beans for 30p and throw half away?

I am morally against throwing food out just because it's convenient, and I know that I won't use the second half up in any time soon.  On the other hand, ten pence is ten pence.  Of course then there is the issue of landfill (we do not have a composter) and the energy and resources for the different sized tins.  It is currently looking likely I will get the smaller one, but I am wavering.  I know you need to read the labels but sometimes I wonder if it is worth all the mental energy.

Father is unchanged.