Thursday, 27 November 2014


I got immense amounts done a few weeks ago.  This week I have been an epic fail when it comes to getting anything done at all.  Mind you, today I saw the consultant.  Apparently it's varicose dermatitis that has spread.  I am reserving judgement as I continue to spread myself with flammable substances as per doctor's orders.

What I didn't realise was that they were going to do stuff that relied on me having a steady resting blood pressure.  They put me in a corner to rest.  I am not sure it was a true reading.  I dragged bear to school this morning at top speed and then raced across town to try and get to the appointment in time.  I almost skidded into the reception and was four minutes late.  Fortunately the clinic was running thirty minutes late so I wasn't in trouble but I didn't have a stress free journey.  Then I started thinking about the fiction I was working on yesterday and it's a fight scene.  It wasn't exactly relaxing.  It turned out that my blood pressure was on the high side of normal, which is a bit worrying as I normally on the low side of normal, but I got the results they needed.

Now all I need to do is lose weight and exercise more.  I'll work on that next week.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

A visit to Father

Today father wanted me to buy him some perfume.  Nothing too much, around £20 per bottle, just something nice.  He wants presents to dish out.  Between my bewilderment (you want to spend how much on scent?!?) and his problems with speech, I was a bit at sea, but I think I need to consider bulk purchases.  He will want to hand out 'nice' presents to every nurse and carer in the building.  I approve.  I just hope that I can keep up with his demand.  There are stacks of wine bottles building up in the corners of his wardrobe and he asked me to bring in some Christmas cards.  After the disaster of last year's Christmas card purchasing, that was not a problem.  I think father also has Views on presents for bear - though I am insisting those are kept with father and opened with father.

Thank goodness I am on such good terms with ebay.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Bear is worrying me

He has watched YouTube videos about the periodic table, he has watched YouTube videos about acceleration and inertia, he has watched YouTube videos exposing sodium to water - and giggled.

Now he is watching a video giving a comparison of calculators.

I wish I was making this up.  I don't think he understands most of it, but I am sitting here terrified he will ask me question because I will be totally stuffed.  Anyway, I now have to go and boil the water for pasta for tea - apparently it boils at a lower temperature in higher altitudes.  Yep, bear has watched a video about that as well.

Please let him just keep his questions about toilet rolls.  

Monday, 24 November 2014

Morgan is now tempting me.

Morgan recommended Nicky toilet roll from their local Tesco.  Ours don't carry it, darn.

I have had a think.  The amount of energy and effort I am expending on this search for the perfect loo roll purchase is ridiculous.  It's taking far too much of my attention.

I'm going to get it with the rest of my groceries and try not to look, except when I am in Makro. All bets are off in Makro.  Or if they start selling Nicky locally.  Or any other reason.

I shall now start fretting about Christmas.  Actually, it's pretty much covered.  I just need to start writing cards, pick up one or two things and wrap some presents.  I have nothing to stress about.  It isn't good planning, and it isn't good discipline.  It is a combination of too much interest in shopping and not many to buy for.

I'm 11,000 words into a novel which I am optimistic will go somewhere.  I'll stress about that instead.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Witch Hazel leads me into bad ways...

Witch Hazel commented below about looking for toilet rolls when Makro are doing a two for one deal.  I couldn't help it, I had a look.  I found some kitchen roll.  The current stuff is cardboard tough and unabsorbent and was extremely inexpensive from Approved Food.  I now understand why.  I found this stuff.

This stuff lasted me for ages.  I am very parsimonious when it comes to kitchen roll and use torn up newspaper a lot of the time, so at £6.35 for 36 rolls it is a decent deal and also compares very favourably with Tesco.  It would probably last all year.  The toilet paper at @ £12 for 24 rolls is not quite as good as Tesco, even if it was BOGOF it would not be beating Tesco significantly and I would not be walking for thirty minutes carrying a vast quantity of bathroom paper and trying not to drop it if Tesco delivered.

Darn it, Witch Hazel, I'm going to call in on Makro and keep an eye out for their deals.  Thank you.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Feeling edgy

I'm down to my last nine roll pack of loo roll.  I don't know why, but more than anything toilet paper is the most comforting thing for me to stock pile.  I feel an immense sense of well being when I trip over an over-enthusiastically stocked pile of rolls.  Now I am feeling edgy.

On the other hand, I don't have the room or money to build a pointless stockpile.

It would make sense for me to get it with the groceries.  The delivery charge would be there anyway, and Tesco do basic toilet roll at £1 for 4 rolls.  Their eighteen roll pack of posh stuff is £6.50, or just over 36p per roll.  I already pay for the Tesco delivery saver, so if I stick to my aim of only getting the absolute minimum I am sure that I will need a bit of help getting the total up to the £25 before the delivery saver kicks in.

If I look at ebay or Amazon there is still the humungous delivery charge to be added, no matter how inexpensive the loo roll is, because it isn't cheap to send dozens of rolls through the post.  I mean, if I am desperate, I can always go to the local shop, they are not that expensive!

However that means I will have no toilet paper stockpile.  I shall feel the fear and do it anyway.  It may sound very trivial, but it is a really big step for me towards getting a streamlined, clutter free house.  It is just a very strange thing that these steps turn on.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Tis the Season to Shut the Door!

I feel the cold.  Bear certainly doesn't.  He has a habit of shedding clothing as he wanders around and would happily spend most of his time in his vest.  The only exception is if he is getting out of bed, as the last few mornings bear has had to fight to get out of his pit instead of his usual eruption into the day.  The feeling of cold doesn't last long, though, and he is soon spraggled across the settee and shedding socks.  DH doesn't feel the cold as much, either.  He hangs around in his shirt, perfectly relaxed while I am shivering under a blanket.

I really feel the cold.  I really, really feel the cold.  I always wear slippers, sweaters, t-shirts and cardigans.  I snuggle into blankets and wear gloves and a hat when I go out.  I need the heating on.

I hate paying for heating.

I keep 'air exchange' in mind.  To function properly and safely we need a certain about of fresh air.  That means that I have the windows open at least once a day on each floor, even for a short time, as I race around trying to stay as warm as possible and flinching.  I wouldn't mind, our house is very warm and we don't really suffer as much as most.  However as I wince at the cold and the heating is so expensive I keep to the checklist.

Lined curtains at the double glazed windows, finally!  At the moment they are bunched up on the windowsill but I will, eventually, get my sewing machine working and shorten them so they don't cover the radiators.  If my sewing machine isn't sorted out soon I am using fabric glue.
Draft excluders
Thermostat on the central heating set to 19 degrees and on a restricted timer.  The rest of the time only heating the rooms we are in.
Low cost halogen heaters.
Slippers, socks, t-shirts under sweaters, blankets to snuggle in.
Hot drinks
Keeping moving, keeping ironing.
Lighting candles - it always surprises me how much extra warmth they can add over an evening as well as a lovely snuggly glow.
Leave the oven door open after cooking
Shut the internal doors to keep the warm in - I'm working on this.

I am fine with coming or going but I am not fine with sitting in a draught.  Bear is indifferent.  So this weekend I will be once again shouting 'Door!' and he will once again be shouting 'Darn!' and the doors will be slammed shut.  And again.  And again.  I will disappear downstairs for thirty minutes and will come up to find the heat from the heater in the study wafting happily up the stairs through the open door to the study, the door to the stairs and probably the door to the icy porch.

How do you make a nearly eight year old keep a door shut?  I could try threats but bear would snigger at me.  I could try bribery but I am being extremely tightfisted on the run up to Christmas, not just because of expense but also so he gets to appreciate the gifts.  Repetition isn't working.  He just good-naturedly chuckles and dashes back to slam the door - again.

All suggestions welcome.