Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Weather is happening

We haven't had the rain and possibly even a smidgeon of snow that has been forecast yet but the wind is howling around.  Even though we are incredibly sheltered it is still fierce.

This is a bit unfortunate as Nice Mr Next Door still hasn't moved out.  He was supposed to vacate the premises on 20th March.  When I went out to the bin just now there were six vehicles, the box from a lorry, at least a dozen old tyres and a spotlight on a stand still around, along with miscellaneous junk heaped in the garden.  It now looks like the rain is ready to start and nothing has been done this morning.  It could be some time yet.  Still, I think most of the house is empty.

I am devastated that he is moving.  I am also worried.  Our next neighbours are going to be people who don't mind the kitchen ceiling falling in.  That means desperate people.

STOP THE PRESS I have just received a text telling me that my J & S Appliance delivery will be tomorrow.  I haven't ordered an appliance.  I haven't ordered anything like that for ages.  I confess to a bid on a ridiculous amount of curtain fabric (still not outbid, still keeping fingers crossed).  However there has been no appliances.  Seriously, no appliances.  What am I supposed to do if a spare washing machine turns up?  I mean, I've just picked up a cheap chopping board from ebay, but seriously, it cost £1.98 inclusive and I got it because my wooden ones were cracking to splinters.

I shall see tomorrow what turns up.  

Monday, 30 March 2015

Bear continues with a spider

Bear and school were both very clear.  The school are expecting bear to turn up tomorrow with a decorated egg, 50p and parental involvement expected.  Bear is expecting me to decorate the egg, provide 50p and stop nagging about homework.  In a few years time, bear will be on his own with homework.  However as he is still eight I will remind him, though I refuse to do it for him.

I decorated the egg.  It looks like this.

The glue is drying nicely and bear condescends to admit it is adequate - just.

Bear is coming down with something gruesome and green nosed.  He is very pink cheeked and is doing a very good impression of a teenager, which is not welcome.  This morning he carefully placed his dirty underwear all bundled up ready to go for the wash.  I watched him walk away, all in his uniform and ready for school.  Then I told him to put his clean socks on this time.
'How did you know?'
'The sticker you refused to take off your sock yesterday is still there.  You haven't changed your socks.'
'Awww muuuuuum...'

He's advanced in reading, he's advanced in maths, I suppose we just have to deal with him being advanced at being awkward.

Ebay is not my friend

In many ways I had a grim weekend (though bear was a darling!) but I did hope I had dreamed my bid.

In fact I did dream of a bid on ebay, when pallets and pallets and pallets of curtain fabric were arriving at my door for 99p plus postage.  In reality it is not likely to be more than one pallet.  To be precise, around 17 metres for a very small outlay.  But I didn't really mean to bid.

By the end of the week I should know if my prayers that someone will outbid me will be answered.  I wonder if by then I will have found some way of coping that doesn't involve spending money on rubbish.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

And then the light fell off

DH tried to change the light bulb in the living room and the whole fitting came off in his hands.  He got a new set installed today and so we have light, but we talked about light fittings.

We talked around it a bit, but at the end of the day the best thing we can do is perhaps get matching lampshades in the living room and study, nice and long to hide the bulbs and deflect any glare and probably plain and magnolia.  There is no urgency.  However it was a chance for me to have a quick word with my friend ebay, just for information.

There are some dreadful things done in the name of lampshades.  I'm not copying the pictures as I don't want to infringe copyright, but dearie, dearie me.  Some have feathers on them.  I have never known a lampshade that didn't need dusting at least sometimes, so what is the point of putting floaty feathers on?  How on earth are you supposed to get the dratted things clean?  I know a lot of people redecorate a lot, so I suppose buying a new lampshade every time the feathers get encrusted is possible, but it seems a bit of a waste to me.  And here is a link to one which is a puzzle.  You get some plastic shapes and you are supposed to fit them into a shape!  I am not up to that!  Here's a picture of a lampshade from WikiCommons

Thank you for the lovely comments on bear, he is the light of my life.  I hope he does enjoy the fencing.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Bear in all his glory

After a phenomenal battle, bear went into town, reluctantly allowed himself to be measured for new shoes, agreed that actually he would pay for the fancy pen in WH Smiths himself - and then convinced the lady at the checkout he was starving.  He looked piteously at her as he made a pitch for eating a cream egg on the way to the bus as he hadn't eaten since lunchtime.  He had only failed to eat since lunchtime because he had utterly rejected food before we got to the shops.  Sigh.

Anyway, after the battle the reward was this...

Bear had his first fencing lesson.  He liked it.  And we don't have to buy any kit unless he gets really into it.  At least for a while.

He paid attention.  He watched and tried it carefully.  He listened to what he was told.  I was so proud of him.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

First Sewing Lesson

My first sewing lesson.  We got sewing machines out of the cupboard, I plugged mine in, tried to raise the presser foot and it fell off.

Then we watched a dress being laid and cut out, with all the notches and tailor tacks.  I was intimidated.  The selvedges had to be folded in to the middle and some bits were to the fold and others were just two pieces and it all looked very bewildering.  Afterwards I managed to sew a (very nearly) straight line in a piece of paper.

The thing is, I've watched loads of bits about sewing over the years, so I know the theory about sewing with the nap and pattern repeats and all sorts.  I've just never actually done it.  I am confident that it will be harder than it looks.

I've also sort of got onto Pinterest, under Lyssa Medana.  When I work out what to do with it, I'm sure I'll have loads of fun!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Under the Influence

I've just received an email inviting me for rehab for my alcohol problems.  Father definitely thought I had alcohol problems - the half bottle of rum I finished off last night has lasted three weeks.  He would have insisted I drank more.  Interestingly, DH has cut down without any effort as father is no longer pouring the drinks for him.  The bill for alcohol in this household has all but disappeared.  Mind you, I am expecting small boys to be running in and out of the house all Easter, including bear's worst enemy/best pal (same child, it depends on the most recent argument), so I may purchase some cooking sherry just in case.  Actually, there is some sherry around somewhere...

I'm definitely under the influence of stress.  Father was not well this morning.  The nurse was joking and coaxing the medicine into him.  He is refusing to eat properly.  This could go on for a long time.  I am not safe to shop under the influence of stress.  Fortunately all I purchased today was a bulk buy of Pringles (half price, bear loves them but they are so expensive!) and a copy of the New Scientist.  It could be worse.  My track record says it could be a lot worse.

I'm off to have a talk with my friend ebay about theoretical purchases.  And drink lemonade.