Saturday, 10 December 2016

And Breathe

The piano tutor said that bear was doing incredibly well even though bear has not practiced.  It worries me how good bear is at blagging   The nice man could do the service without any problem because I had moved all the stuff.  The awesome maths tutor was awesome and had plenty of space to work in an almost okay place.  I managed to get some ironing done, did some Christmas planning and watched some more dratted episodes of Arrow.  We're probably getting some Flash dvds for Christmas.  I have a sense of what the future holds.  I see men without shirts and get to do my knitting so I'm not complaining too much.

So now it's just the lovely electricity men coming on Tuesday.  Most of what I needs to do involves moving things on Monday night to a Heap and then moving it all back after they leave.  I'm feeling confident.  Well, I'm feeling almost confident.

Now I can move on to tomorrow's big challenge - bear's homework.  That is the tough one.

Fails have found me out

Those people who read this and are half way competent housekeepers will not understand.  I am up way too late because I am doing a last minute, desperate scrabble so that the nice man who comes to service the boiler tomorrow will be actually able to get to it.  All sorts of junk has been dumped in that particular corner and I have had to finally catch up with some bits that should have been sorted months ago.  Those bits include a bottle of lavender oil which has leaked all over the counter.  Cleaning it up has left me with a stonking headache and a sensation of having been mugged by a granny.

I have also cleared off the vast swathe of junk around the piano so when the piano tutor comes tomorrow he won't be too distracted by the heaps.

Tomorrow isn't much better.  The awesome maths tutor will be coming to visit at 4pm and the dining room needs to be in a fit state.  It isn't in a fit state.  It is in an appalling state.  Also, I need to catch up with the ironing that is stashed there to make space for whatever awesome maths happens.

And next Tuesday the nice electrical men will be running cables and all sorts around the kitchen which means I will have to move stuff around in heaps, especially as I have started stashing goodies in the kitchen.  I have no idea where I'm going to put stuff.  I am seriously considering putting the crisp stockpile in DH's car boot for the day.  I am glad I got the stock pile going, though, as bear and his pals break up for the holidays on 16th and I'm not sure how many I'll be feeding or how often.  The nice electrical men will also be fitting the lights so I need to make sure that there is plenty of room in both living room and study.  I shall also be digging out the old sheets to cover the electricals from potential dust.

This would not be so bad if I had started from a decent standpoint.  I didn't.  I have failed at housewifery on a scale so epic that it makes Ben Hur look like holiday snaps.

It could all be worse, though, and I did find a local shop selling 'pigs in blankets' flavoured Pringles at £1 a tube.  That will definitely help the provisioning over Christmas.

I'm going to crawl off and sleep now, probably dreaming of something like this.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Bears will be bears

Three pairs of bear's school trousers have decided to go at once.  Each one has a threadbare patch on the right knee waiting to become an actual hole.  You can almost poke your finger through one.  He has also ripped a tear up the back of one of his shirts.

I've ordered some more trousers as a click and collect so I should get them soon.  Bear does have two pairs of school trousers left, but both are looking faded.  I really recommend Matalan for those buying school uniform in the UK.  Those trousers have washed and washed and washed as bear usually has a clean pair everyday.  They do great school shirts as well.  I'm not exactly sure what bear managed to do, but there is a tear right down the centre of the back of one of his school shirts.

He has also managed to completely destroy his shoelaces.  I'm not sure exactly what is going on as his shoes are fine, but the shoelaces are just fragments.

I may wonderwebb some fabric to the inside of the knees of the new trousers.  Something tells me that they may need it.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Insert Rude Word Here

The dire rear bug has hit with full force.  DH and I are wrecked.  Bear, however, is back in full force.  He is still practising his 'whistle'.

It will be better tomorrow.  Until then, here's a favourite of mine from the lolcats page

Monday, 5 December 2016

Let There Be Light - Please!

I am failing significantly at electric.  Back in May or June the man who installs the smart meters almost fainted when he saw the fuse board and that the gas and electric weren't earthed.  The people from Northern Electric were called out to make the electric wire safe and I was told I had to have a PME bond sorted out.  I have been trying since then.

I also failed when I tried to get new lights in.  It may have been last year, but I got new lights fitted in the living room and study and they are far too dim.  Sometimes I feel like I need a coal miner's helmet as the light just isn't bright enough and it can get so dark at this time of year even in the daytime.  So I arranged for yet another company to come and look at the lights and quote for the PME bond.  I was so happy at the thought of being able to have decent lighting at last and to have the end of the whole PME bond in sight.  I had two new lights ready to go and the lightbulbs that fit them.

When I booked the appointment I stressed that I needed to do the school run, so turning up between @ 8.50am and 9.05am wasn't going to work.  You can see where this is going.  I raced across the road from school waving my arms frantically to stop them leaving.  They must have arrived literally the moment we left the street.  I came panting up the road to them and must have looked like a mad woman.  Then they had a look at the fuseboard.  Sigh.  I've known for a while that the fuseboard is dated, it's probably older than me.  There is a good chance that the man who fitted it also worked on the first phase of Stonehenge.  The electrician flatly refused to touch the lights without first doing the PME bond and replacing the fuse board.  They're coming back on Wednesday.  It's going to be expensive.

Here is a picture of some pretty electric lights that cheered me up.  I hope mine work as well.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Very Quiet

Today has been very quiet.  The bug that bear had has spread to DH and I and it's been, well, a mix.

There is always a bright side.  Sometimes you have to scramble for it, but it's always there.  We may both be feeling rough, but it's not all bad.  Today bear has hung out on the computer while actively not doing his homework and DH and I have watched back to back episodes of Arrow.  We must have watched four this afternoon and I expect to watch another two this evening.  So while I have had the pleasure of DH's company I have also made massive strides on my knitting.  Poor DH has been very badly hit and has spent most of the time enjoying the fight scenes while stretched out under a blanket and occasionally dozing.

I am really enjoying the knitting.  It's going to be a wrap when I've finished.  I should have finished off the sweater I've already started or the slip over for uncle, but this is easy and, at this moment, easy is good.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Bah Humbug

I do it every year.  I haven't checked but I am willing to guarantee there is a similar post on my blog last year.  I always say that I'm not going overboard with bear, then I start to panic about how few presents he's getting.

This year does look limp.  He has some books, a few figures and not much else.  Part of the issue is that he doesn't have to wait until Christmas to get football boots or clothes.  We are very lucky.  However this means that when it comes to Christmas and his birthday, it's goodies.  As I pointed out to bear, he's a little old to be getting little ones' toys but he isn't quite a teenager.  I told him I wasn't ready to buy him body spray yet, which made him laugh.  I've been scrolling through eBay until I'm travel sick, but I haven't found much.

I should add that bear and DH are currently excavating bear's room.  The wardrobe has finally collapsed so it needs to be replaced.  I've seen one in IKEA for £39.  It's not anywhere near as good as the Ben 10 one that is currently sitting in a sad puddle, but I'm not going crazy until he stops playing football in his bedroom.

This is what we have lost.

It was cheap, cheerful and had two hanging rails.  At least we can still use it elsewhere.

And, to add insult to injury, the local cats have been using my flower bed as a toilet.  There is a truckload.  They must have saved it up for weeks.  I am completely unimpressed, but I know how hard it is to keep cats off, especially as I suspect my garden is on the front line of a territory dispute.  I'm going to put down some vinegar weedkiller and see how it goes.