Thursday, 19 April 2018

So Warm!

Like any Brit, the weather is vitally important to me.  What else can I talk about?  Apparently it is the hottest day since last August and the hottest April day since 1949.  It's okay, though, as the weather is likely to go downhill rapidly next week. 

My search history isn't looking any better.  I wanted to know if a character could legally carry a particular knife in the UK.  According to an official website, you can legally carry a knife to and from a museum for an exhibition, or for the purposes of historical re-enactment.  I can just imagine the weary expressions of the coppers trying to explain that if you say you're going to an historical re-enactment then you shouldn't just be wearing jeans and hoodie with a broadsword strapped across your back.  If you want to carry the broadsword, you should not only look like you're making an effort, but you should also be able to tell the unlucky officers of any re-enactment that is happening within a hundred miles.  It is in human nature to look for loopholes.

While I was looking at the legal position I found that, according to the official police website, a sword is officially a banned knife and there is such a thing as a zombie knife, which is also banned.  Of course I had to look it up - here, if you're interested, which is the Wikipedia link.  I remember seeing them years ago on eBay with weird handles and contorted blades.  I think it's perhaps as well they aren't around.  My character wouldn't have one of those anyway. 

Cherie K - thank you for the tip.  I am planning on spending some time this weekend with safety pins, needles, elastic and probably some harsh language.  Wish me luck!

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Three More Days

I have three more days until my next driving lesson.  On the day of the lesson and usually the day afterwards I feel buzzed and capable and do great things.  The rest of the time I have panic attacks.  Lots and lots of panic attacks.  They aren't severe or serious.  Bear doesn't notice much, I think, and he is still fed and clothed and nagged about homework. 

We have an issue with bear's trousers.  They are too big on the waist.  The ones that fit him around the waist are climbing up his ankles.  Bear is refusing the whole concept of a belt as he says he would be teased.  I've looked at YouTube videos about taking in waists and I'm intimidated, but I may have a go with some hand stitching which can be easily taken out and cut nothing.  Bear doesn't tuck his shirt in anyway so it would cover a lot of sins.  I can also get them altered in a stall in Leeds Market for @ £8.

The reason I know how much they charge in Leeds Market is because I went into Leeds this morning.  I finally got around to taking in a picture to reframe and afterwards I cut through the market.  I wonder if I get at least one pair done properly then it could last him until half way through July, when bear stops wearing grey school trousers.  And at least I would know what they should look like. 

Cherie K I'm sorry to hear about your goldfish. 

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Not Much Happening

It's been a very quiet day.  I've done some ironing, fed the family, done a little writing and took in a grocery delivery. 

However it has all been a little dull.  There's nothing much to report.  So I will finish with...

Two goldfish are in a tank.  One looks at the other and says, 'Do you know how to drive this thing?'

Monday, 16 April 2018

Too Much Monday

Bear woke up in the middle of the night and then very early this morning with aches and pains.  It sounds like growing pains, could have more to do with racing around like a lunatic the day before, but I'm keeping an eye on it.  Unfortunately he woke me from an incredibly deep sleep both times, so I have felt not quite in sync all day. 

I feel for bear at the moment.  He was up at 7am doing the homework that he had had all holiday to do, and then he forgot to take his sports kit in with him.  But that was okay because there was no sports as they had two tests.  From general gossip going around, bear is not the only one who is getting rattled by the atmosphere in school.  I think that it is very hard on the kids.

Bear did have one moment of joy, however.  While he was in assembly, one of the teachers said Istanbul was the only city that is on two continents and that it is the capital of Turkey.  Bear said he thought it would be rude to shout anything out, but did point out to those around him that while Istanbul was on two continents (Europe and Asia), it was not the capital of Turkey.  The capital of Turkey was Ankara.  I really feel for his High School teachers. 

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Not a Dedicated Follower of Fashion

Bear had a party to go to today.  I was not entirely convinced he should go, as bear loathes discos (it was a disco), has had ongoing scuffles with a few of those attending and is generally not a social animal.  As it was he went, hung out in the car park in the rain with some of his pals and had a great time.  I am confident he will eat the birthday cake sent home with him for breakfast before I get up.

The problems we had were that he didn't have a stitch to wear.  I mean, he had clothes but not party clothes.  He also utterly refused to leave the house to go a few hundred yards to Matalan which sell up to date, reasonably priced, hard wearing kids clothes.  He wore the one pair of jeans which he considers fit him, and they just about do.  I think he's about half an inch too tall for them, but bear is fine with the length.  He is one growth spurt away from being without any real jeans.  Of course, the four pairs that I gave him to try on were obviously imaginary.  He's very slim, and we are in a negotiation situation about belts.

Earlier, DH and bear put together a bookcase.  Bear was following the instructions with serious concentration.  I'm happy to leave him to it.  I walked past as bear was knocking in some nails and I can see that I will never need to worry about flat pack again.  Kate bear reads the instructions for the bookcases but was all grown up when he put the piano stool together as the instructions weren't brilliant so he worked it out himself.  He is incredibly proud of that piano stool!

I had another driving lesson today.  I had a brief panic when I saw a car coming towards me (we were in a sort of tiny office park which is usually empty on Sundays), but I trusted that they knew what they were doing and recognised that a car with L plates and wobbling towards the appropriate lane at walking speed needed a little tolerance.  I took this on the way to the lesson

It's forsythia, and I always think it looks cheerful.  It usually is out in February, not half way through April.  I wonder how the farmers are doing with all this weather. 

Sort of Busy

I've washed and ironed.  I still have a significant amount of ironing left, but it could be worse.  I've cooked a batch of soup and bunged what was left after DH, bear and his pal enjoyed it for dinner.  I've generally pottered around. 

DH has been really busy.  He and bear put together a bookcase in bear's room.  Bear is very keen on assembling furniture.  Long may that continue!  DH has also set up bear's 'new' computer. 

It's been a very domesticated, relaxing day, and I hope tomorrow is just as relaxing.  Sending out chilled vibes to everyone

Friday, 13 April 2018

Not Unlucky

I kept forgetting it was Friday the Thirteenth.  Bear and I went to Aldi and then bear got a new computer game in the post.  It's called 'Farming Simulator' but is more about driving combine harvesters and tractors than actually growing things.  Bear asked me about the small part of the game that included plants.  'Mum, when should I use the cultivator?'

My instinctive reaction was something along the lines of, 'how the dickens should I know?  It's a computer game about modern farm machinery and my knowledge of farming is based on medieval agriculture' but I tried to ask the right questions.  I asked what the cultivator did.  Bear was vague.  He knew he wanted to practice driving it and there was something involving wheat, but more than that was a mystery.  Should he use it before or after ploughing?  As far as I could tell, the cultivator was some sort of harrow which, if I have it right, is used after ploughing, but I could be completely wrong. 

Bear will have to reinstall it on his 'new' computer.  I think it's always worth checking out reconditioned stuff if it's from a reputable source.  Tesco are pretty good and DH knows a good computer repair person.  I also check outlets.  Then DH will see if he can do a full factory reset on bear's current computer, perhaps replacing some of the components and trying to get it working and if he can then he gets bear's, which is newer than his, and I get his, which will be much easier for me than a laptop. 

For those interested, I wrote the first instalment to the deadline.  The first instalment of 'More Tales from the White Hart' is up and ready to read here.  I am aiming to make it a regular feature every Friday, and I've already started on the next instalment.  I hope you like it.