Friday, 31 October 2014

Warm for the time of year.

Actually, things could be a lot worse and bear is in his werewolf costume, ready to go and happen at my SIL's.  He will have more sweets than is good for him, get thoroughly spoiled and have a ridiculously happy late night.

Father was doing well yesterday, and is eating and drinking a lot better.  He got tired quickly, but bear was being particularly tiring so I don't blame him at all.

I am off to make the Egyptian Lentil soup - in double quantities.  Both bear and DH particularly approve so I plan to freeze lunch size portions.  It isn't really soup weather, not like it should be at this time of year.  I'm not complaining about the effect on my heating bill, but I'm sort of waiting and sort of hoping the cold weather will hold off a little bit longer.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Crushed Walnut Shells

Apparently you can buy crushed walnut shells here

Who thought of crushing walnut shells?  Who was the first thing to think, I know, I can crush up these walnut shells and use them to stuff a pincushion.  Mind you, I've heard coffee grounds recommended for stuffing pincushions and I'm not convinced by that either.

You can use it as a tumbling medium and all sorts, apparently.  How did anyone find out?  I hope it was some housewife who had just finished a long stint of deviling walnuts and decided that to heck with it, she wasn't going to let that heap go to waste.  I'm glad I wasn't the one who first ground the walnut shells.  It must be backbreaking if you don't have a special tool, whatever it is.  Perhaps that is the way round it happened.  Someone was doing a hard sell on a harried housewife who had just finished with the walnut harvest and convinced her that the heavy duty grinder would be just the ticket for crushing walnut shells for, well, stuff.  I'm sure that actually the crushed walnut shells do an excellent job, but I blinked.

I'm a bit low, and it looks like we won't get out tomorrow so I was confiding in my friend, ebay.  Do you know how much you can browse through if you pick a category, put in auction only, maximum price 99p and then sort by price + p&p highest first.  You see all sorts of strange beasts at the start of their journey into a bidding war, like crushed walnut shells.  Speaking of which, please let me be out bid on 12 kg of fabric pieces - I haven't even unboxed the sewing machine!

Morning after the Night Before

Actually I don't have a hangover, which isn't surprising as I didn't drink that much.  It may have been only 20% proof but Vladivars Apple and Pear tasted like hairspray and needed a lot of lemonade to help it down.  Thank goodness I got it cheap.  I have quite enjoyed the few drinks I have had recently but deep down I begrudge the money.  I can see me ending up teetotal because I resent drinking something so expensive.  Even Diet Coke is cheaper!

Today wanders onward.  Bear is a lot more cheerful after two solid days of doing very little.  Poor mite has been completely exhausted.  To be honest I think the events of the summer have caught up with him and I am wearing bandages on all arms and legs to protect my clothes from the paraffin (working well, actually) which I think worries him despite my explanations.  Today he is chilling but tomorrow we are going to have to face the dreaded ordeal of shopping.

Bear loathes shopping, he hates it with a passion.  I can't say I blame him, but sometimes you have to actually get out of the house.  If bear wants the Aldi chocolate he has been guzzling then he has to leave the house with me to get it.

There is also the matter of a loo seat.  After twenty years our toilet seat has given up.  It is still functional, but I hate flushing the loo with the seat up and the hinges have failed after years of random squirts of Dettox, Mr Muscle and white vinegar.  We need a new one and Aldi is conveniently next to B&Q.  I plan on calling in to father first, then shopping afterwards, then home.  Bear will collapse like a teenager as soon as we get in, no doubt pitifully begging for chocolate.  I'm going to hide some to keep it safe for DH.

Bear is currently hammering zombies.  I can live with that.  He was watching YouTube videos about the periodic table this morning and I was like a rabbit in the headlights.  I comfort myself that it could be a lot worse.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Random Delivery

I haven't seen father in ten days.  Last week bear was poorly.  Normally we would go today but I have a sore throat and they are iffy to take into a Nursing Home.  Also bear is just about on the floor with TIRED.  He is nearly eight and I suspect a growth spurt.  He is currently bonelessly lying on the back of the sofa watching something unspeakable on Cartoon Network.

Tomorrow I have arranged for re-deliveries, today is a duvet day.  I put in the order sort of randomly and I got what I deserved but bear should be fine for sugary snacks until Christmas.  That is not taking his visit to my sister in law on Friday.  He always goes 'Trick or Treating' there and she adores Halloween.  I suspect after some iffy times she will displace a bit and even in calm times bear comes back with carrier bags of sugary stuff so I shall have to be supervising teeth at the very least.  Friday bear will be resting to be strong for his auntie's extravaganza but Thursday is looking good for a day out.  I can pick up the stuff I should have put on the order then.

There is always a bright side and the order included alcohol for me.  I am not on antibiotics and feeling very low so the small bottle of 20% apple and pear vodka is unlikely to make it through the night.

The spider that has built her web over the window in the study is getting a bit battered by the weather, but is hanging tough.  I suppose I need to manage to do that.  On the other hand I am not Robert the Bruce so I am going to avoid ebay and go and play snap with bear.

Monday, 27 October 2014

A big step for bear

I don't like kids standing on things in kitchens.  I suppose one reason is that the layout of my kitchen means that there are far too many ways it could end badly if bear slipped.  To be fair, bear has always taken the view that it is a mother's job to keep the supply of food, drink and treats going and what was I waiting for.

Today, however, bear has shown that he can reach the cold tap.  He is on his toes but it isn't much of a stretch.  So I have moved plastic beakers into reach and told him he can help himself to juice whenever he likes.  Bear was enchanted by the idea.  I will be buying small bottles of juice for a while, so that bear can manage them a bit better.

I also said that here are the bowls, help yourself to cereal.  That is less likely to happen.  Bear has strong Views about who should make a breakfast and it isn't him.  I also suspect that bear's enchantment with making his own juice will wear off pretty quickly as he finds himself going up and down to the kitchen instead of mother.  However I remember seeing a teenager just look at her mother and say, 'make me a sandwich' and the mother immediately jumping up to make it.  That is something I really, really do not want to happen in our house.

I am going back to setting a target for a week.  In the past I have set a target and veered wildly away at a tangent on a regular basis, but it means stuff gets done in some area.  This week is half term and small boys will be over running the house all day.  I am trying to be realistic.  I won't be able to do much.  However I think I will aim to finish the red knitted blanket for bear.  There is over a 1000g of yarn left to use up, so it is a big push, but I can do that while listening to havoc on the Wii or for the tell-tale sound of 'crash, ow!'

Off to check on what exactly is happening now.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Not a quiet Sunday morning

Large numbers of boys from around 7 to around 10 are tearing through the house causing havoc and doing excellent locust impressions.

I need to work on the provision of really cheap treats.

I also need to work out how to keep a tenuous supervision ('I don't care what you are allowed to click on at home...') and still get stuff done that I need to do.

Also, bear is doing spoiled brat impressions and I need to work on that.  He is very privileged compared to the visitors, and I need to try and get through to him about that.

I am also finding it odd without father still.  I am very aware that lots of people are in a far worse state, including Morgan.  Father is still with us and I am still getting the Daily Mail codes for points which will buy Christmas dinner, and I am grateful, but this morning I tipped a bottle of rum down the sink.  It was supposed to be spiced rum, but it was an unfamiliar brand and it tasted so foul that I couldn't manage more than a mouthful.  I have no idea where the bottle of Paragayo rum came from, and I am very aware that fake or under the counter spirits can be very dangerous.  I suppose I could have saved it to clean windows as it tasted of antiseptic, but I just want the space.  Father would never have allowed me to pour drink away.  It was actually quite a sad moment.  On the bright side, the drains are probably in a better state from it.

There has just been a very large crash upstairs.  I daren't look.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Bear goes to the cinema

One of bear's friends had a birthday party at the cinema.  I felt for the parents of the birthday boy.  When we staggered away there were ten lads of eight and under all racing around and full of energy.  The parents had more courage than me!  Apparently bear had a great time, the birthday boy had a brilliant time and the parents survived!

While bear was enjoying himself, DH had a bit of a wander around some shops.  We bought a few bits that father wanted, an incredibly overpriced drink, said 'How much!!!' several times and came home with a knight's costume for bear that I really think he will love for his birthday.

I tried Millet bread today.  I am sticking to oat cakes.